Textgain develops LLM | AMP for hate speech detection. #NLP (IO): Revolutionizing AI/ML Applications With Decentralized GPU Power - Bybit Learn

Textgain, an AI company based in Belgium, is developing a large language model (LLM) called CaLICO to detect and process hate speech in all official EU languages. The project is expected to be completed within the next twelve months, with plans for international expansion. Textgain, a spin-off from the University of Antwerp, specializes in using AI technology to tackle societal issues like hate speech, disinformation, and violent extremism. The company’s CEO, Guy De Pauw, emphasized the importance of creating a language model that can handle toxic language without generating it, distinguishing Textgain from other commercial models that refuse to process hate speech. This initiative aims to address the challenge of detecting and combating hate speech online in multiple languages, contributing to a safer and more inclusive online environment.

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