The AI stack: framework for national AI strategy #holisticAI

The AI stack: a framework for a holistic national AI strategy | by Armin Catovic | Futurum Strategia | Jun, 2024

The Swedish Government’s strategic approach to building one of the best broadband systems in the world in the late 90s positioned Sweden as a digital leader, fostering the success of companies like Spotify and Skype. However, the current AI Strategy proposed by AI Sweden focuses solely on adopting AI technologies, which may not ensure long-term resilience and control. The strategy overlooks the need for a multilayered approach that addresses all aspects of AI development, similar to Sweden’s broadband strategy. The AI Stack presented in the content outlines the layers of hardware, cloud infrastructure, software, foundational models, and applications/services, highlighting the dominance of non-European companies in these areas. Sweden’s strengths in clean energy and research position it well to contribute to the AI revolution, but a comprehensive analysis of talent, regulation, research, and leadership is essential to secure access to the opportunities presented by AI. By learning from history and directing innovation wisely, Sweden can harness the potential of AI to create shared prosperity and ensure societal and economic progress.

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