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The importance of passwords in the AI era | #Security

An Alternative to Conventional Neural Networks Could Help Reveal What AI Is Doing behind the Scenes

The article discusses Apple’s new Passwords app and the ongoing issue of identity verification through passwords. The app aims to provide a more secure computing future by simplifying password management on iOS and macOS. Despite the convenience of password managers, they are not a perfect solution, leading the industry to explore alternatives like passkeys.

Passkeys, which replace usernames and passwords with log-in information stored on devices and authenticated through biometrics, have not gained widespread adoption due to slow rollout and user concerns. The shift towards passkeys represents a move towards a passwordless future, but challenges remain in ensuring security and user trust.

The article also delves into the broader issue of identity verification in the age of AI, discussing the potential for AI avatars to attend meetings on behalf of users. With the rise of AI technology, questions about proving one’s identity and the security of personal information become more complex.

Overall, the article highlights the evolving landscape of identity verification in the tech industry and the need for innovative solutions beyond traditional passwords. It emphasizes the importance of addressing these challenges to ensure a secure and seamless user experience in the digital age.

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