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The use of AI by Islamic State for propaganda #extremism

How 'Islamic State' uses AI to spread extremist propaganda – DW – 07/10/2024

The content discusses how extremist groups, such as the Islamic State (IS), are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create propaganda and recruit followers. An example is a video of Peter Griffin from Family Guy singing lyrics encouraging followers of IS. The use of AI by extremists has been increasing, with groups like al-Qaeda holding AI workshops and IS followers creating fake news broadcasts. AI technology allows extremists to create emotive content to galvanize supporters and evade content moderation on social media platforms. While the content may seem harmless, there are concerns about how extremists could use AI for cyberattacks or to plan real-life terror attacks. Experts argue that while AI has worrying potential, the real danger lies in physical attacks carried out by extremist groups. The use of AI by foreign terrorist organizations is seen as a complement to their recruitment efforts, which are fueled by geopolitical events. Overall, the threat from extremist groups conducting physical attacks remains a more immediate concern than the use of AI for propaganda purposes.

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