#Uncover hidden prompts GPT-4o users overlook. #AIwritingprompts

5 More Prompts 99% of GPT-4o Users Don’t Know

The video discusses the power of GPT-4o and the importance of effective prompting skills to unlock new AI use cases. It provides links to resources on prompt engineering and tokenization. The video introduces prompts for answering questions using provided documents and citation formats. It also includes a prompt to fill in missing information in a database. The video covers ChatGPT techniques, prompt generation, SWOT analysis, and summarizing messages. The content emphasizes the need to understand and utilize GPT’s capabilities effectively. Additionally, it offers free ChatGPT templates, an AI Advantage course, and resources to unlock ChatGPT’s potential. The video provides links to the AI Advantage community, business blueprint, Twitter, Instagram, and the AI Advantage shop. Overall, the video highlights the importance of skillfully using prompts to maximize the capabilities of GPT-4o in various AI applications.

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