Unveiling the Masa Bittensor Subnet: A Fulkano Creation #technology

Introductie van het Masa Bittensor Subnet | by Fulkano | Jul, 2024

Masa has launched its AI Data Subnet on Bittensor, bringing together two innovative forces in decentralized AI technology. Bittensor, a decentralized AI network, has grown to become a $10 billion AI ecosystem since its launch in March 2023. Masa, a decentralized network for Fair AI, allows AI developers to build using global data and is supported by various organizations. The Masa Bittensor Subnet rewards miners, validators, and subnet owners with daily emissions of 7,200 TAO tokens, totaling over $1.8 million distributed across subnets.

The Masa Bittensor Subnet provides real-time and static, structured, annotated, and vectorized data from various sources crucial for AI development. AI developers can use Masa data for a wide range of applications, such as capturing trade signals and building hyper-personalized AI companions.

Participants in the Masa Bittensor Subnet can earn dual-token staking rewards in MASA and TAO tokens, enhancing economic incentives and performance on the subnet. The TAO token, managed by the Masa Foundation, supports MASA through buybacks or distributions as part of the emission schedule.

The architecture of the Masa Bittensor Subnet involves workers, validators, and oracle nodes collaborating to contribute data and computing resources to AI development. The subnet promotes continuous improvement through incentive alignment, adaptive stake requirements, a collaborative environment, and a robust mathematical model.

To participate in the Masa Bittensor Subnet, users can join the CoinList x Masa Bittensor Subnet Incentivized Testnet, where miners can earn rewards based on their performance. The testnet runs from July 9 to July 23, 2024, with rewards distributed upon the launch of the Masa Protocol mainnet in Q4 2024.

Lastly, users can trade the MASA/wTAO pair on Uniswap, further integrating Masa into the Bittensor ecosystem. Masa aims to accelerate the development of Fair AI powered by global data and invites users to join their mission.

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