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Verizon partners with Monarch for smart tractors initiative. #technology

Verizon teams with Monarch for a smart tractors push

Startup Monarch has partnered with Verizon to connect its smart tractors, which are autonomous and electric, aiming to reduce fuel and pesticide costs for farmers. Verizon uses 4G technology and provides a basestation for data collection. The autonomous tractor market is growing rapidly, with Monarch already deploying over 400 tractors in multiple states and countries.

The Monarch MK-V electric tractor utilizes Verizon’s network technology and Nvidia chips for connectivity. The electric tractors allow for reduced diesel usage and less need for herbicides, as they can operate autonomously and more frequently. This results in cost savings for farmers and benefits for the soil biome.

Verizon’s 4G connectivity on the tractors enables data collection for AI applications, enhancing the efficiency and performance of the vehicles. Other major players in the autonomous tractor market include Claas KGaA GmbH, John Deere, and Agrobot. The partnership between Monarch and Verizon highlights the potential for technology to revolutionize farming practices and improve sustainability in agriculture.

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