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White House mandates agencies reduce risks of AI usage. #AIrisks

White House Requires Agencies to Mitigate Risks of Using AI

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its first governmentwide AI policy, mandating agencies to report on their use of AI, manage risks, and implement safeguards by December 1. The guidance aims to prevent biased or discriminatory results and provide transparency into AI usage. Private-sector employers may also be influenced by these principles. The memo from OMB Director Shalanda D. Young aligns with President Biden’s executive order on AI development, emphasizing the need to maximize potential while limiting risks. The order introduced safety and security standards, consumer and worker protections, and assigned federal agencies responsibilities in overseeing AI technology. This policy marks a milestone in implementing the executive order and demonstrates the federal government’s leadership in AI use. Biden’s executive order aims to shape the evolution of AI technology to balance its benefits and risks.

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