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Xandr accused of EU privacy breaches; Microsoft, Apple roles. #PrivacyBreaches

Xandr Accused of EU Privacy Breaches; DOJ Publishes Witness List for Google Antitrust Trial; Microsoft and Apple Leave OpenAI Board Observer Roles 

Xandr, a Microsoft-owned ad tech business, is facing accusations of EU privacy breaches in a complaint supported by European privacy advocacy group noyb. The complaint, filed under the EU’s GDPR, alleges inadequate transparency and breaches of data access rights for individuals in the region whose information is processed for targeted advertising. If found in breach, Microsoft could face fines of up to 4% of its global annual turnover.

In other legal news, the Department of Justice has published a witness list for its upcoming antitrust trial against Google, accusing the tech giant of monopolizing the digital advertising market. The trial will feature testimony from various industry experts, including former and current Google employees, members of SSPs and DSPs, publishers, platforms, agency buyers, and advertisers. Google avoided a jury trial by making a payment to the government to cover possible damages allegedly suffered by US government agencies.

On the AI front, Microsoft and Apple have given up their positions as OpenAI board observers amid growing regulatory scrutiny over big tech’s investments in AI companies. Instead, OpenAI plans to engage key strategic partners through regular meetings. This shift comes as regulators in the UK, EU, and US express concerns about the influence of big tech companies in the AI space.

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