ZayaAI and Skynet Trading join forces in new partnership #AItrading

ZayaAI partners with Skynet Trading | by ZayaAI | Jun, 2024

ZayaAI offers deep-learning artificial intelligence software for pathologists and researchers in clinical labs to analyze images for diagnoses. Their cloud-based products aim to improve efficiency and precision in pathology diagnosis across various fields.

Skynet Trading has been a market maker and advisory firm for digital assets and exchanges for over 4 years. Their team of experienced traders provides insights into token economics, listing strategies, and market conditions. They have strong relationships with leading exchanges, investors, and projects in the digital assets space.

Skynet Trading is also an active investor in the early-stage blockchain ecosystem, focusing on infrastructure and decentralized finance projects. They serve as a liquidity provider for multiple top 100 projects in the industry.

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